Monday, January 20, 2020

January 20, 2020

The dangers of being an upcycler. . .So my husband is a teacher and we go to his student football games in support (in addition to dance, choir, etc.) So our old football stadium seats wore out in non-fixable places and we got some new ones (after about 10 years). Immediately, I missed the pockets on our old stadium seats and cut them off to sew onto the new seats. Then I decided I could use the foam seats on some chairs. Then I found a few other things I could use and I am left with this: which my husband will be taking out to the shop to remove the flat metal pieces for support of a wood stove pipe we are putting in the shop, and the round metal pieces might be useful in the future to turn a drawer into one that holds hanging file folders. . .Can you relate? What am I missing?

Amazing how you can fix something just by removing the problem parts, and adding a few leftovers from other projects. Bought this china cabinet for $20 to use as a display piece for my upcoming booth. Used leftover plywood for some extra shelves, took off the glass front, Left off the front bottom cabinet door that came hanging off. Painted the knobs and cabinet, and added some leftover wallpaper. I have a few little holes to patch and a little touch up paint to do.

Details are coming together.  Finished painting my booth sign.  I think it goes really well with the display case.

Picked up a wood high chair for my grandson and painted it white, as well as fixed a missing piece of braided trim that is meant to keep a child from sliding out of the chair.  Luckily it was a leftover piece of the stadium seat that we took apart.

I am making one French Provincial table into two matching night stands. I just cut it in half and copied the upper portion of the table.  Funny, I posted the process on a site so everyone could learn that you can take one item and multiply it into two matching ones, and someone complained that I had ruined it.  To each his own.  I have learned to value people, and remember the reason we have things is for their usefulness. . .

Lucky me!!! I found a bolt of graphic print upholstery fabric at the thrift shop that I loved. My pillows got some new covers.

My son-in-law is so smart. He realized that the reason his son was so fussy when we changed him was because the plastic on the changing pad was cold. I made them some flannel covers. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

December 26, 2019

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingImage may contain: 4 people, including Sea Castle, people smiling, people standing, shoes and indoorChristmas.  A time for gathering with good friends.  The same friends that rescued us when we were getting bogged down with trying to pass plumbing on our daughter's house.  We got to help our friends, Ed and Amy put in a floor.  Then Amy came over and kept me company for a day while I taught her how to reupholster chair cushions.  I enjoyed it Amy!  

Just celebrated Christmas today! The only handmade gifts from the farm this year was a desk that was upcycled for our daughter and son-in-law, a few bibs, peanut brittle and fudge, hibiscus tea, and dog treats. The desk was upcycled to exactly meet the needs of our daughter and son-in-law. It was a vintage desk that was small and fit the space, but to make it more functional, we changed the lower drawers on the right into a file drawer, changed the lower drawers on the left to be just the drawer fronts on hinges so they would have a place for their modems to live. We also painted it in colors to match their other furniture and monogrammed their initial in the middle with paint.

This year my husband had a theme week again and one of the days was Santas vs. Elves.  As he is 6'2", I, of course, thought it would be awesome if he went as an elf.  lol  We painted stripes on his small hammer in the hammer loop of his overalls.  He looked almost as cute as our grandson does in this set of overalls I made him out of a flannel shirt and elf slippers.

As the weather has turned colder, our cat has moved in with the chickens.  She was raised with chickens, so we think she just feels right at home.

As it has been cold, indoor projects have been the order of the day, and I have been upcycling clothing.  My daughter liked a red, black and white shirt, but it was sleeveless in the middle of the winter.  I talked her into buying a black turtleneck so we could cut off the arms and use it on the shirt.  She loves it!  I also worked on one for me that included cutting off the bottom of a sweater, turning it upside down to make the sweater have an empire waist.  I also added a print at the bottom from a skirt.  All purchased at the thrift store of course, making each shirt $2.  So far, I have made two bibs for Eli using two wash cloths I bought for a dollar at the dollar tree and the neck of the turtleck, and I have a pair of pants for him planned from the rest of the turtleneck.