Our Homestead

In 7 inches of snow in January of 2018:

This is our sign that we made.  My husband cut and glued together two pieces of wood and gave it over to me for painting.  The lettering was done using letters printed out from the computer, cutting them out to use it as a stencil, and using a dry brush to go over them lightly, then removing the stencil and using a small brush to give them a second coat.  The heart shaped grape vine I painted freehand.  I then sprayed the whole thing with a clear coat to protect it from the weather.

This is a view of our homestead taken from halfway down the driveway to give you a view of the house, and the barn, plumbing shed, and horse trailer on the left, with the chicken coop area on the right.

This is a view of our front pasture taken from the front porch.  We are halfway done with fencing in the 4 quadrants of the pasture so we can do rotational grazing.  You can also see our calf barn that also houses some chickens (when they are not in the chicken tractor), and two barn cats, Arthur and Guinevere.

This is a picture of the front of our farm containing the pond, produce stand, and cement picnic table.  The pond is fairly young and is down at the time the picture was made.  It's a drainage pond only.

This is the frog pond in the rear of our property.  This was put in to attract frogs to help us with our garden pests and is in the middle of our two large gardens.

This is our "Anniversary Gazebo".  We started it as an anniversary project.  It is simply made with cedar poles and a grain bin top.  This provides us with a relaxing place to observe nature and how it works in true permaculture practice.

This is our chicken coop area.  The building on the left is our main coop, and the one on the right is our mini coop that is used when we have a broody hen to separate her and the chicks from the rest of the chickens until the chicks get big enough to handle getting picked on.

This is the chicken tractor that is currently in the front pasture near the calf barn.  You can see the house my neighbor has been building behind it.

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