Wednesday, April 15, 2020

April 15, 2020

Life is grand!  There is not a single other place I would rather quarantine than on our little farm.  Currently having a creative project in remodeling our rv is amazing.

I love the fireplace area.  It is one of my favorite places.  Just sitting on the sofa/bed and watching the flames flicker is just so relaxing.  It may have some new competition though.  I went rogue and asked my husband to help me hang the "chandeliers" in the bedroom, even before the back wallpaper was up.  I just don't understand how I have the patience to put in details, and yet sometimes something as simple as screwing in an eyebolt straight can annoy me to no end.  So glad I have back up.  Thanks honey!  It did serve the purpose of motivating me to do the wallpaper there.  The wallpaper has been presenting a challenge in that it is very difficult to cut when wet without tearing (which drives me mad as the perfectionist that I am.)  However, I did find that putting a little bead of caulking on the edges when I finish hides all the rough edges.  Yay!

The picture that I painted is unfinished.  I found an ugly picture on canvas that was the right size and was on clearance sale for $4.60 which I painted over.  Painting your own picture is the single easiest way to get a picture with the right colors in it.  At any rate, this one is meant to have the finished camper sitting in the middle of it with the words "Love is an adventure" on it.  In order to do that, I have to wait and finish the outside, then I will add it.  I don't know exactly for sure how it will turn out in case some of my ideas don't pan out.

Parts of the outside that I have finished recently are the door, and I painted the solar lights for the door.  Yes, I know, I should have painted the door last.  However, I needed some inspiration.  You know, that proof that it WILL turn out like the picture in my head.  I love my purple door.  It is in a color from Behr Marquee paint called "Vintner."  While there is another door on this side, I only want this one to stand out, so the other door will be painted white with the rest of the rv.

Also since last blog post, we took down the light fixtures and painted them white, along with the vent trim.  We hung the bathroom mirror, even though it still needs a new mirror.  Sometimes, we just need to see what things are going to look like, along with putting them somewhere they will not get broken.

I also wallpapered the wall behind the sofa, painted the sofa, and put the same marble print shelf adhesive on the shelf.  I think it turned out great.  My husband worked on the electrical which is oh so important but a little difficult to put into pictures.

In other farm news, we have been getting some great asparagus and have been experimenting with asparagus dishes.

The ducks and chicks were moved outside to the chicken coop, where we are keeping them in the run during the day and closing them up in the coop with the chickens at night.  Everyone is getting along well, and so far it is all working out.  My husband and I make a good team to insure their safety.  The fresh air, sunshine and exercise seem to be helping them grow.

I was able to help some neighbor boys (the brothers of the unicorn recipient) by making them some bean bag frogs similar to the ones I remembered as a kid.  I made sure to use different fabrics for the underbellies so they could tell their frogs apart.  I told my neighbor to remember that if things got really bad, there are two cups of beans in each one of those frogs. . .

We have been experimenting with foraging for teas so we can have some healing teas just in case for these Coronavirus times.  We harvested and dried American Redbud blossoms, stinging nettle, and wild strawberry leaves.

We also had a great time celebrating with family with a boston cream pie bunny cake.  Even that was a collaboration as I made the cake and my husband made the ears.  39 years. . .Thank you Lord for your blessings and the risen saviour.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April 1, 2020

Life is crazy with the Coronavirus going on.  We are now in a 30 day shelter in place quarantine.  John was required to quit working at the school building as a teacher and teach from home now.  Today he was setting up new videos for the kids including one I got to be the camera person for on using a multi-meter.  These teachers are really having to learn a lot and change everything they were doing in a short period of time.  I feel for them and everyone else who is having to change in a short period of time.  Change is hard, but in the end, I hope it is rewarding.

Having relaxing days but making progress.  Asparagus is now coming up.  Stir fries, soups and quiches are really nice.  Great timing too, as I understand it is a great pre-biotic for the flora in your gut to help your immune system.  It works best if eaten raw, which is one of my favorite ways to eat it.

I finished building the fireplace for the camper.  First, I only had 24" to work with, so I took an old mantle from a previous electric fireplace, took it apart and cut down each piece to fit the space and the new electric fireplace box.  My husband put a new outlet in the camper behind where I was planning to put it.  Then I got it installed.  Love how it looks in the space!

I had to put up some of the beadboard wallpaper before I installed the fireplace so it wouldn't get more difficult later on.   I also worked on the bathroom beadboard wallpaper, primed the faux five panel bathroom door, replaced parts on the shower curtain rail and put it back in, and hung the new shower curtain just to get a look at how it will fit in.  Can't wait to finish the bathroom!  It's coming together slowly.  So many details.

The ducks are getting really big, and I thought they should have a trial run swimming in the bathtub.

 We are going to have to move them all outside soon.  This morning one of the chicks escaped from it's tub and joined my husband and I in the living room for coffee!

Our raspberries came in today.  This time we are trying the ever-bearing variety (Polka) which has strong enough stems so we won't have to trellis them.  So they say. . .My husband will believe it when he sees it.  We got 25 of them and planted them among the elderberries so they will get relief from the sun.  We were watched over by the inspectors. . .

I have been trying to get creative with my cooking to use what we have, so last night we had ham and black olive calzones, and today we had homemade bean and bacon soup.  However, I am determined to do a better job of eating things in season, so today I purchased the books Simply In Season and Grow Cook Eat (used from Alibris) to motivate and inspire me.