Chicken Tractor

So to make the chicken tractor I looked at several already out there and then we made a few modifications to suit our individual needs.  We mostly followed THIS ONE.  However, we just used two cattle panels as we were only planning for 50 birds. I believe the two cattle panels we used were 16 feet long. 

 First, we laid out the two cattle panels side by side and zip tied them together.  Next we stapled them { hammer in electrical type staples) to the 2 x 6' pieces of lumber which we had already altered the ends for skid purposes, taking care to visualize how the feet would look when we pulled them together.  Then we pulled them together with the staples on the inside of the tractor and screwed on the two 8 foot 2 x 4s.  Then we added the corner braces, then the back A shaped brace and the door frame.Then we built the door to fit the door opening minus 1/4" on all sides.  We used typical gate hardware.  We put hardware cloth on the front and door.  We then took a tarp that we already had and folded it three times to fit on the roof.  We fastened it at the bottom using a long piece of trim and screws.  Whenever we were in doubt, we added another zip tie.  

When we put the chicks in the tractor, we used a brooder that we built with THESE DIRECTIONS.  It worked great and used less electricity that the standard heat lamp.

Finally, when we decided to keep some of the chickens to work on our pasture instead of processing them, we added a roosting post and two nesting boxes that move with the chicken tractor.

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