Monday, December 13, 2021

Expanding Asparagus Bed


New Asparagus Bed
So we have been planning to expand our asparagus bed by thinning out our old bed.  However, we did not want to cut our production next year.  So following the example in a Youtube video (the one I finally decided I liked since it suggested only digging up a few large clumps so not to interrupt your asparagus harvest the next year), I only dug up the very largest clump (after 11 years, it had most of the crowns I needed), and a few volunteer clumps that grew past the end of the bed.

The new bed has already been prepared by my husband, so it was easy digging.  As for the old crowns, the video I watched suggested washing the dirt off to more easily separate the crowns which worked well.  It also showed cutting some hard to separate crowns apart with the shovel. (which I only had to do for two of them.)

Can't wait for our expanded asparagus harvest!

Old Established Bed

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