Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 6, 2016

So busy finishing up the calf barn and getting ready for my daughter's wedding.  We are moving right along on the calf barn in what spare time we can muster.  My husband specially made a support piece for the door.

We made the door down in the basement, and we put it up today. We transported it out to the pasture on the forks of the tractor (my husband is a genius.)  It looks so nice on the barn!  Now we just have to finish that other side and the door that goes with it!  Hopefully next weekend will see this project done for now.

We took a day off and went to see my husband's parents.  While we were there, they wanted me to look at their computer that wasn't working so well.  It turned out that their computer monitor died.  We jumped in the car and went to Salvation Army where we bought a replacement monitor for $3.19.  It worked like a charm.

We have been working on lots of little projects for the wedding.  We poured a face for Treebeard and painted the eyes (we are going to be putting it on a tree near the reception.)  We have been working on Azog the Defiler's costume.  Managed to get it done out of a brown suede leather jacket that I found for $4 at a thrift shop.  I also made a handfasting cord for the ceremony from some blue velvet that I cut off of the hem of my daughter's dress.  Only 20 days left until this Lord of  the Rings wedding.