Thursday, March 23, 2023

Golf Cart Update

 Facebook is not allowing me to upload pictures currently probably because I posted an American flag, as well as it had the words "God Family Country" on it.

To upgrade our preparedness, we fitted our golf cart that we can charge by the solar panels with additional mirrors and reflectors for safety.  We had already added front headlights by using some car fog lights that were on sale.  This allows us to use our utility golf cart to also deliver things to neighbors. We usually use it for moving dirt, rocks, plants, etc. around our homestead.

Monday, March 20, 2023

False Spring in North Carolina

False Spring.  The rosemary is beautiful and the bees just love it.

The strawberry bed is new this year.  When we planted it because of some generous friends who gave us the plants, we did not have the landscape fabric.  We did, however, plant it with some chicken gold.  Both the plants and the weeds were well fertilized.  So my husband lifted the plants, replowed, put down landscape fabric and replanted.  Can't wait for the strawberries. . .

The broccoli, potatoes and beets are planted.


Refinished a table and chairs bought from Marketplace, and made chair covers for my adorable grandchildren:

My daughter and I made cole slaw for church barbecue  dinners.

Pallet Flag.  Used Cricut cutting machine to make stars and words that I put on after lining out the flag with a handy flag calculator online, and painted followed by removing the stickers to leave the white.