Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014

I just want to comment on fixing an F-20 error code on a Kenmore HE 2t front load washer. My washing machine was flashing F-20 every time I got 6 minutes into the cycle. The first thing I tried after making sure of the water flow is the pressure switch. Found a new one for $6.95. Still had an F-20 error. I then discovered that the drain plug had quite a bit of fluid in it and figured it was bad. Bought a new one for $78, put it in, didn't solve the problem. We then noticed there was a little water leaking from somewhere. We discovered that the tube running from the pressure switch to the tub was flat on one side and had a pin hole leak (this was under the hose insulation. . .go figure). Replaced it with a piece of tubing from the auto parts store for about $1.50, and this fixed it.

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Clothing Reconstruction. I love to sew. However, the expense of buying fabric, patterns and notions has turned sewing into an elitist hobby these days. There are reasons and ways to sew that make it worth your while. One of the times I sew now is when I am decorating a room and want everything to match. Also, I can sometimes score fabric at yard sales either in fabric form or curtains or clothing to remake. Recently, I have been remaking clothes in our closets and thrift shop finds. One of my recent projects is to take a sweater that I bought at a thrift shop to wear (but didn't like it when I got home) and try to make some useful items out of it. I ended up being able to make two hats, a pair of mittens, and a neck scarf out of the sweater. Here are some pictures: In the layout of pictures, you can see how the original sweater became all four items.

Friday, November 14, 2014

November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Decorations. This year my husband's whole family along with my kids are going to be here. I have started working on some Thanksgiving decorations with the help of Pinterest. This is a link to my pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/farm0420/thanksgiving/ These are a couple of the things these pins inspired: I was so impressed by the Dollar Tree wreath that I went to the Dollar Tree to find the stuff to make it. However, as it was after Halloween, they didn't have any of the stuff (except I did pick up a roll of burlap ribbon there for a dollar). I even looked for the parts at Wal-mart, to no avail. They didn't even have a good price on the wreath form which I wouldn't buy without knowing where I would get the fall leaves. As a last resort, I stopped by the Dollar General on my way home and found a completed wreath with a wimpy bow. I took the bow off, made a burlap bow, then made a matching bow for the light. I spent $6 on the wreath and $1 on the burlap ribbon. Here are some close ups: I was inspired by the pinterest pictures to make some candle holders, because I may have up to three tables. So I had a set of six red votive candles that I had received one year for Christmas, I had six mason jar mugs that my mom had given me, I had the glass marbles, and I picked some small pine cones off of a tree in my back yard. I did have to spend $2.37 on the jute twine, and now I have some left over for another project. I used some white acrylic paint that I had with a sponge paintbrush to add the white to the pine cones. Then I wrapped the jute twine around the top of the jar twice and tied it in a bow. I added the pine cones with hot glue. I held the votive candle in place with a pair of tongs and dropped the clear, flat marbles in the jar. Oila! Six decorative candles that can be split between 2 or 3 tables (depending on how many show up.) Here's a picture:

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

I believe that things can be both practical and beautiful. In order for a house to stay beautiful, you must have a place for all of the necessary items, so you can put them in their place. For example, when we redesigned this modular to be a passive solar, we put the front door in a location that kept us from being able to have a coat closet. So we painted some boards with hooks that we already had and put a double row behind the front door so the guest coming in the door did not see them first thing, but had a place to hang their coat. I also designed a beautiful bench that my husband built for me to house the messy shoes: In the bedroom, my husband was always bringing in a pile of books that he deposited by the bed. So I redecorated the bedroom and included a storage ottoman that was meant to hold his pile of books: Another fact of life for us, was that we were always changing clothes to go outside to work and usually kept them going for a few days, so we always had "half-dirty" clothes lying around. We finally have a location for our half-dirty clothes in the linen closet in our bathroom where we also store the dirty clothes and the vacuum cleaner. Another thing that always bothered me was that our toothbrushes were always sitting on the counter making messy toothpaste spots and leaving them open for flies to land on them (yuck!) I was looking on the internet one day and ran across the simple method of putting a cutlery tray in the bathroom drawer and keeping them in the drawer while solving both problems: That's why I love our farm so much. Practical and beautiful.