Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December 27, 2017

There is always something to do at a farm/homestead.  We made Christmas presents and had a great celebration with our families.

We used the skills that we have learned here to make a custom slipcover for a sofa for my daughter and her husband, build a glider for my son, sew presents to warm up his girlfriend and make a leaning ladder bathroom shelving unit (an Ana White design) for my oldest daughter.  The part that I enjoyed most about the gifts was spending enough time with them to figure out what they really wanted/needed.  I think, too often, we forget that part.

A gift to ourselves was our "solar clothes dryer."  We wanted to make it so that it is convenient to use, so we put up the kind with pulleys and ran it from our back deck to our barn.  We also made a clothespin holder out of an empty apple cider vinegar bottle.

It was also time to plant our pollinator flower seeds.  As we are planning to change our front pasture into a rotational pasture where everything is rotated (including the animals and the garden), we decided to plant the seeds up front.  The seeds were a gracious gift from RAFI, Rural Advancement Foundation International for their pollinator project.  They can be found HERE   Thanks Kelli!  We first tilled a row all across the front of our farm, scattered the seeds by hand from buckets, then drew a log across the row to press them into the ground.

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