Saturday, January 20, 2018

January 20, 2018

Winter is upon us!  7 inches of snow!  Unheard of in these parts.  Beautiful!  We are nice and cozy in front of the fire though.  Love that warm heat.  The day after this was taken, our wood stove started smoking really bad and we have had to troubleshoot the problem.  Thanks to our buddies at the Homesteads and Sustainability Facebook group page HERE, we narrowed it down to the vent cap being blocked. My husband cleaned that up and we were back to no smoke.  Yay!!  It does make us feel a little guilty that we are on the inside looking out though.  Don't worry, in below freezing temps they get to spend the night in the basement.

Bean sprout and corn relish salad
Our fresh vegetable for the winter (other than the russet and sweet potatoes in the basement) is usually mung bean sprouts.  So far we have made about three batches using one batch for venison chop suey, one for a salad with corn relish and cheese with ranch dressing, and one for a salad bar we took to a late extended family Christmas celebration.  We are using the high tech method of a quart jar with a cheesecloth top put on by a rubber band.  We add the bean sprouts and put them in enough water to soak them overnight the first night, dump it out the next day and rinse them morning and night until they are ready about the fourth day.

We have been having trouble with our pond getting too low this year, so we have been taking this time to put in a pipe to divert water from another low spot to the pond.  We are hoping this will work.  Our pond has been looking sad and we have been worried about the health of the fish.

Be sure to check out the new tab I added called "Our Homestead" for pictures of our place in the snow!

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