Friday, April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014

I have been busy working on the egg-mobile, but came to a stand still while I am waiting for the metal roof to get done. I ordered the pieces for the metal roof for both the egg-mobile and the produce stand. Spent $61, but hopefully they will last forever (or at least until someone else has to do the maintenance - LOL). I am going to make a new tab for the Egg-mobile and post pictures. While I was waiting for the roof, I started the produce stand and so far have cut the birdmouth roof rafter pieces (using the pattern from the egg-mobile roof rafters). It is very easy to make a template - so don't let this intimidate you. Just lay your first rafter board on the top of the walls, use a straight edge to draw a straight line up from the top of the wall on the front wall and back one at the side towards the lowest wall. When you take the board down, I marked the square at one inch and laid it against the line I drew on the rafter and traced the angle from the square. Then I cut it out with the jig saw. For the front and back overhang, just figure out how much overhang you want and draw the line on the rafter parallel to the first line you drew for the birdmouth. Oila! Try the first rafter on the roof, and if you like it, use it for a pattern for all the rest of them. As a matter of fact, as this is a design I intend to use again, I plan to trace an extra rafter to keep for my next storage shed out at the garden. It was so much easier to work out this template on the four foot tall egg-mobile! Yesterday I also planted the paperwhites I grew in the house this year from a Christmas present down at the pond. The greenhouse automated vent is working like a charm. The kale, onions, potatoes, lettuces, cabbages and broccoli are coming up.

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