Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20th, 2014

We finished hanging the marble shelf, so I thought I would post the promised picture: This is the stainless steel bucket under the sink: Here is a more detailed picture of one of the nightstands painted glossy white with the new green crystal drawer pulls: The cheap plate easel works perfectly as a place to put my tablet so I can view it hands free. I often use it in the kitchen for a recipe. I can also just touch the button when I wake up at night to see what time it is, watch the morning news, or watch an HGTV special on for decorating tips. I love the High Low Project. I also thought Freestyle, Decorating Cents, and other programs large on creativity with a small budget were good uses of my time. One can always spend MORE money, but the real learning comes in when you can do the same thing with LESS. I always thought the House Hunter shows (since I don't intend to move) and the decorating shows that spent a ton of money were a waste of my time. Here is more progress on the last side of the double decker doghouse: As we are doing it with leftovers, it is somewhat pieced, but once it is trimmed and caulked (again with leftovers), it should be nice looking, sound, and frugally built. We still need to finish cutting out the door on the top, as you can see in the picture. We will attach a small diagonal ladder to the top when we finish with the trim.

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