Friday, November 14, 2014

November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Decorations. This year my husband's whole family along with my kids are going to be here. I have started working on some Thanksgiving decorations with the help of Pinterest. This is a link to my pinterest page: These are a couple of the things these pins inspired: I was so impressed by the Dollar Tree wreath that I went to the Dollar Tree to find the stuff to make it. However, as it was after Halloween, they didn't have any of the stuff (except I did pick up a roll of burlap ribbon there for a dollar). I even looked for the parts at Wal-mart, to no avail. They didn't even have a good price on the wreath form which I wouldn't buy without knowing where I would get the fall leaves. As a last resort, I stopped by the Dollar General on my way home and found a completed wreath with a wimpy bow. I took the bow off, made a burlap bow, then made a matching bow for the light. I spent $6 on the wreath and $1 on the burlap ribbon. Here are some close ups: I was inspired by the pinterest pictures to make some candle holders, because I may have up to three tables. So I had a set of six red votive candles that I had received one year for Christmas, I had six mason jar mugs that my mom had given me, I had the glass marbles, and I picked some small pine cones off of a tree in my back yard. I did have to spend $2.37 on the jute twine, and now I have some left over for another project. I used some white acrylic paint that I had with a sponge paintbrush to add the white to the pine cones. Then I wrapped the jute twine around the top of the jar twice and tied it in a bow. I added the pine cones with hot glue. I held the votive candle in place with a pair of tongs and dropped the clear, flat marbles in the jar. Oila! Six decorative candles that can be split between 2 or 3 tables (depending on how many show up.) Here's a picture:

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