Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015

Anniversary Gazebo.  So we envisioned a trail with a small gazebo in which we could peaceably watch nature and divine wisdom.  
Trail leading to gazebo
We designated our anniversary as the day we would get the gazebo started (34 years of marriage.)  We started out by putting a post in the middle with a 7 foot string and clearing a 14 ft. diameter opening in the woods as we needed space for the gazebo and a trail around it.  We placed it so we could minimize cutting of natural growth.
Looks like a spaceship has landed
Underside of feed bin top
We then used a post hole digger to dig the six holes for the cedar poles.  We tried to get the feed bin roof on ourselves, but ended up having to call in reinforcements.  We have such wonderful neighbors.
Screwing roof to poles.
Many hands make light work
Poles leveled.

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