Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14, 2015

So, at the farm recently, we have been building the tractor shed. First John measured for the footprint and dug the holes with the auger on the tractor and the post hole diggers.  Then he set up a level string to measure to the depth of the hole to figure out where to cut the upper notch in each pole.  Then he put in the poles and used stakes hammered in the ground and braces to level each pole.  Then we added two 2 x 10 beams to each of the north and south sides, sitting in the notch of the pole.  After that, we put up one rafter to figure out where we wanted to put the bird mouths on each rafter, and used that one for a template to cut out the other 11 rafters.  We used one every two feet, which made for 12 rafters.  We used a measurement of 20'11" so the 7 three foot metal roof panels would fall evenly with a little overhang on each side.  After the rafters, we put on knee braces, bridging, and a wood tie between the bridging and the beams to hold in a strong wind.  We cemented in the poles at this point and left them to dry overnight.  Then came the roof sheathing, with the metal roof panels on top of that and screwed on every 2 feet or more.   Yay!  A finished tractor shed that will also provide a roof to install our solar panels on!

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  1. That is a great looking shed! I am about to build one my self. How much spacing between the posts did you put? Also how wide is your opening? If you don't mind answering I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.