Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

What a busy summer, which has now come to an end for us as my husband has gone back to his teaching job.  I am still doing my job as a financial consultant, but am tailoring down my hours.  Our life here at the farm has been symbolized by this humble passion flower that has been growing here since before we came.  We are very passionate about this farm and becoming self-sufficient in our lives.  This summer's project has been all about putting in our solar power and we are not quite finished.  It is our hope to be off the grid one day.  We have built our tractor shed with a slanted roof to accommodate our solar panels, and have mounted 70 of the 72 panels that we intend to have there.  The final few will have to be repaired first as they were not showing the voltage that they should.  To that end, we purchased some wire glue from  We needed some adhesive that would conduct electricity, so we will let you know how that comes out.  My husband has done a great job with the wiring (and I helped).  We have built the battery shed, and this last weekend, we connected the wiring and dug to lay the conduit 18" below ground between the tractor shed and the barn (where the charge controller is housed.) All the while, we have continued to can and freeze.  Our pantry shelves are getting full as you can see by the picture.  We have also put many items in the freezer, including some additional spaghetti sauce as well as some condensed tomato soup (new this year.)  In addition, we are planning a large family Thanksgiving, so I am getting the house ready with a little bit of an update.  The downstairs will be a consistent olive green and aubergine throughout.  Currently, I am working on some slipcovers for the chairs.  I have complete the sofa pillows and a throw for the cold winter weather. 

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