Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 26, 2015

While fall is in the air, it is not officially here.  However, the persimmons are in!  Here are a few persimmons we picked up today.  These are wild persimmons from one of the trees that were surrounding our farm when we bought it.  These had naturally fallen off the tree, so we knew they were ripe.  As these are astringent, you do no want to pick them when they are not falling off the tree.  Sometimes we will shake the tree to see which ones are loose enough to fall.  If you have ever eaten a persimmon that is not quite ripe, you will know what not to do in the future with persimmons!
Another project this week was finding a mirror for our front hall.  I have been trying to place mirrors in the dark spots to reflect more light.  Additionally, I am trying to add a little more elegance to our front hall before Thanksgiving, when all of the extended family will be here.  When I went looking online, I was amazed to find that the mirrors I gravitated towards cost up to $400 or more!  I really wanted a round mirror between 24" and 35" (the size of the wall.)  I really like the beveled mirrors as well, but of course they cost more.  I went shopping at the local antique store and found a mirror that was not round but was octagon shape.  I pulled out my trusty measuring tape that I carry in my pocketbook, and it was 28".  While it was a color of frame I didn't like, I knew I could solve that problem with paint.  After a look at the price tag, which said $25.00, I knew I had my mirror.  I brought it home, taped it off, and spray painted it with metallic silver.  I love the way it turned out.  I am sorry that the picture shows a shadow from the beveled edge.
Being able to go to the garden to pick your dinner is the bomb!  Tonight we picked grape and pear tomatoes, kale, carrots, peppers and grapes, so I knew a chef salad was on for dinner (along with eggs we got from our chickens.)  You just can't beat fresh food!
The front flower bed is dwindling, but the red zinnias are still going strong! I just love zinnias for that very reason, they are so hardworking! 

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