Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 14, 2015

I just finished a chair for my Mom's office/bedroom.  She has an old lawn chair in the corner with an electric massager in it.  She likes the massager and uses it, so she wouldn't let me remove it from the room.  Not only did the lawn chair look out of place, but the massager is not very attractive.  I decided that if I found a chair and made a slipcover for it, she could put the massager on the chair and put the slipcover over it, leaving only a pretty bedroom chair in the corner of the room.  I found this chair at a thrift shop for $5.  I loved the curvy arms, as I was going for a cottage style since the twin bed in there has a white Mary Jane Bedspread with a wreath hanging over it that my mom likes.    I used a Matelasse bedspread that we already had and was sitting around unused to make the slipcover.  I needed a bow for the back to help it fit the chair nicely and did not want to go in to town just to buy a ribbon.  I checked my fabric stash and I had a white sheet that I had already sacrificed for something else, but it still had the top of the sheet with a ribbon trim, as well as a little excess fabric.  I decided it would work for the bow.  Here is how the chair turned out.  It looks so feminine.  The back of the chair looks great, too. All for $5 and some work.

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