Friday, February 12, 2016

February 12, 2016

What to do when it's cold, the water is freezing and it is beginning to snow?  So I gathered the dogs and put them in the basement.  I then took the spare water that we keep in the basement (so one is always thawed out) and went out to the coop to replace their water.  The dogs tagged along.  When I opened up the door to exchange the water, there were only two out of ten chickens in the coop.  I was rather surprised by this, since the chickens really don't like snow.  I then thought about it for a minute and realized that I hadn't seen our chickens for a while, so I put the dogs back in the basement with the extra water and went to find the chickens.  I figured they would be in our little woods area so they would be out of the snow, so I went down that trail first.  When I was nearing the end of the trail, there they were.  I wanted to get them back to the coop, so I picked up a big stick (lest our mean rooster turn on me), and started to heard them back to the coop.  Just to make it fun and help me not worry about the rooster, I made up a little song to sing and started waving the stick in time to the music.  They went even faster (guess I won't quit my day job).  The song was sung to the tune of "skip to my loo". 

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