Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17, 2016

Well, indeed necessity is the mother of invention.  As we were finishing up our fencing in the front, we realized that we needed a walking gate through the fence over by the chicken run.  We also needed a way to let our chickens out towards our front yard, as the dogs are moving out of the growing area (since it is time to plant) and into our backyard.  I wanted to use wood that we already had on hand, so I designed and cut out two gates that my husband helped me to put together and put up.  Since they are kind of side by side, I planned for them to look alike, but the chicken gate was, well, chicken sized.  Even though the days are longer now, we are still having to resort to our headlights to finish our projects as it starts to get dark.  I love the way they turned out! To put the chicken gate in the side of the chicken run, we pounded some treated stakes into the ground and put a center piece between.  We then stapled the chain link to the framework, cut a hole in the chain link, and stapled a second row on the framework so there will not be any loose ends to catch the chickens.  My husband sprinkled a little food outside of the gate, and that was all they need to entice them to try the new gate. 
We are trying to prepare the pasture for our new calves.  We had a truck from Southern States come and bring 8 tons of lime and spread it on our pasture.  Surprisingly, they were finished in 15 minutes.  Amazing what big equipment will do!

Our next projects are planting the garden, and finishing the fence for the calves.  We are currently reading Joel Salatin's Salad Bar Beef together.

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