Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 28, 2016

Well, since we seemed to be successful with the two Angus cows we had purchased, we decided to try some bottle calves.  We have committed to buying six of them.  Our pasture was just too big for our two Angus to keep up with the mowing.  We ended up having to hay it, and having to mow it as the cattle seem to like the fresh tender grass.  We decided to try bottle calves as they are much less expensive than the fully weaned calves.  While we have read that they are more of a risk, we have tried to lessen that risk by buying them from a dairy farm that keeps them for five days so they get their mom's colostrum.  The first calf we got was five days old and we named him T-bone.  He has really grown on us. We have had him now for a week.  Tonight we picked up another Brown Swiss calf and have named him Sloppy Joe.  They are such individuals.  They look completely different and it is quite easy to tell them apart (unlike our black Australorp chickens.)  They are currently sharing a pen, but we will have to give them both bottles in the morning.  We will see how that goes. Our dogs, Hercules and Phoenix, are being really good sports and are watching the calves as the roam around the yard.  We are telling them that it's their job to train the new calves.  We will probably get a couple more calves on Wednesday or Thursday, as it just happens to be calving time at the dairy.

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