Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 11, 2017

Permaculture field trip with Harvey Harman
Oh my goodness, life is so busy!  One of the things we have been working on is a class that we are taking on Permaculture Fundamentals with Harvey Harman.  We have enjoyed it so much!  Lots of examples of how everything is connected and making your life more efficient such as moving all the things close to you that you do more often, and making sure that everything has many uses.  I would strongly recommend a Permaculture class to everyone!

As a result of the class, we moved our herb garden to combine it with our front flower bed so I can run out the front door (near the kitchen) and pick herbs to go along with our dinner.  What a pleasure that will be!

Our chicks are growing up!  After doing some reading about how long to keep them under a heat lamp, I started weaning them off of the heat lamp at about a week and a half old (easy to do since they were inside only.)  At about 2 weeks, we moved them outside where a mama chicken adopted them.  We added them to the broody hen at night and she didn't seem to have a problem with accepting them.  We put them in a separate space from the rest of the chickens in a mini coop with it's own yard.

We are putting in our paddocks for multi-species rotational grazing.  Today we got about half of the posts in for phase 1 (two paddocks).  The cows were so curious.  I was surprised to see them tasting the dirt that we raised out of the ground with our auger after we drilled holes.  I went and checked their minerals and added to them just in case.

Oil lanterns painted purple with green medallion
In addition to all this, we have been working on home maintenance, such as replacing our countertops and backsplash, painting, and sprucing up around the porch.
Green coleus with purple impatiens

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