Wednesday, August 22, 2018

August 22, 2018

I love the creativity in small farms/homesteads!  I just finished building this pig hut.  Please see the new tab I have created with the name Pig Equipment.  I will be working on the waterer next.  The tab includes instructions, additional picture in progress, as well as where you can find the idea I got from Living The Dream farm.

My husband found a way to keep the watermelon from wasting!  Why does it all seem to ripen at once?  He said he had been contemplating watermelon wine for some time.  I had been dying for an opportunity to use the Squeezo I had purchased off of Ebay!  We both love it!  While we were using it, it not only got the juice we needed for the wine, it also spit out the fiber and seeds in another bowl.  I put it in a bowl of water, massaged out the seeds until the fell to the bottom, used a tea strainer to get the stuff off the top, and poured it into a colander to get my clean seeds for saving, then spread them out on wax paper to dry.  We used the two varieties of watermelon that we grew, Crimson Sweet and Mountain Sweet Yellow.

My husband is a science teacher at a high school teaching Earth Science, AP Environmental Science, and Physical Science.  I created this bulletin board for him which includes examples straight from our farm.  Love it that he is living what he is teaching!  He is setting such a great example.   While I was there, I noticed he did not have a flag holder for his flag and put this adjustable one together from scraps - a piece of pvc pipe, a wing nut, and an L bracket.

My husband was having a hard time getting his boots off without getting mud on his hands until he built these boot jacks out of scrap wood.  I added a little paint to the one for the front porch.  Works great by standing on it with one foot and putting the boot in the slot to remove it!

Temporary fix
Permanent Fix
While we were running the trencher to put in our automatic waterer, my husband cut the phone and internet line.  He has now done a great job on the permanent repair, both soldering the connections and using marine heat shrink covers for the wire ends to keep it solid when in contact with water.  It is now covered in the trench.

As you can see on the bottom of this pantry picture, we have canned 25 quarts of pumpkin to add to this years' collection.

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  1. You are the canning queen!!! It looks lovely....I love art in the pantry. (0:

    LOVE the boot jack. Even if I get one muddy boot off, I still get a sock dirty getting the second boot off.