Monday, January 7, 2019

January 7, 2019

The holidays have made the time seem to run away with a blink.  There was the moving of our daughter, the gatherings of family, preparing Christmas presents (not much this year) and our Christmas adventure.  This year we chose to pay for everyone to go to a fun park and participate in skating, go cart riding, a maze and miniature golf instead of presents.  Additionally I made everyone a ninja hat in case it was cold when we went, and well, my nose always gets cold when going to the pasture, so John and I needed a hat for just in case.    We had a great time with the adventure, however, my husband who is 62, and myself (57), have decided to remove roller skating from our bucket list. . . The ramifications of a few spills from those fast moving skates made an impression on us.  LOL

During this time, we also got snow several times, and way more rain than we needed.  For the year of 2018, we were supposed to get around 42 inches of rain, and instead we got over 64 inches of rain.  This made for some rainy conditions we had not been familiar with.  Let's see, we might need more feed if drought occurs, we need more feed and extra straw if too much rain occurs, and we need more feed if snow occurs.  This makes it rather hard to stick to a budget. . . .

This year's Christmas postcard was made from a collage of meaningful pictures during the year, as well as labels to explain the content of said pictures.  In 2018 we got a record snow, we brought pigs to the farm for the first time, we got a dairy cow and calf for the first time, and we built an extension on the calf barn.

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