Friday, August 2, 2019

July 29, 2019

Well, we have done lots of work on the house mostly.  We have removed siding, insulated, sheathed, housewrapped, and put on vinyl siding, changed out windows, door, and electrical.  We called Duke Energy and they (yes the same ones that told us we could get electricity if we were not required to permit) told us they could not give us electricity unless we get the county to inspect it and put an orange sticker on the box.    According to our reading of the codes, if we bought it, were doing all the work, were not adding any heated or cooled square footage, we should not have to permit it.  However, we needed electricity so we got a permit.  Then the guy who was standing in for the regular inspector came out and told us he would not sign off on our electrical because we also needed a building permit, plumbing and hvac permit and a more expensive electrical permit.  What do you do?  We went and got the other permits. . .Now we have lots of inspectors to satisfy. . .But life is still good. 

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