Sunday, February 16, 2020

February 16, 2020

As you saw on my last post, we bought a fixer upper camper, and as the cold, wet, weather has allowed, we have made some progress.  The first thing to do of course, is to make sure it is weatherproof, look for all causes of leaks and fix them.  We found two holes in the roof that we patched and sealed with either eternabond, a metal patch or both.  We replaced the damaged AC shroud with a new one, and we repaired the back corner, top and bottom where it looked like it was run past a tree or something. 

Next we had to uncover related areas in the inside to see what damage might need replacing.  We cut out a square in the cabinet over the bed and pretty much removed the back wall covering, and took out some rotten wood.  As we were looking over these spots and as weather allowed, we started removing all the windows, painting them while they were out, adding two layers of butyl tape and putting them back in, as we do not want any new repairs to go to waste by getting water damage.

When the weather was too wet/cold, Sherri was working on the inside by tearing out the dinette and a closet, painting the stove/oven and oven hood, painting the backsplash (after the window was replaced) and adding some faux marble subway tiles that she cut out of shelf liner, painting the refrigerator, tearing out the old linoleum and starting to replace with the new linoleum.  Additionally, two walls were patched and primed to get them ready for some wallpaper that will look like beadboard.  She also worked on accessories such as a dragon painting and pillow and some gingerbread trim for one of the outside windows.

In addition to the camper, life goes on.  So we have planned out the garden, gathered our seeds.

Additionally, a co-worker of my husband's had a baby shower, so I made her some nursing pads, burp cloths and a baby blanket and contributed a caramel chocolate cheesecake to the baby shower. 

We celebrated our daughter's birthday by meeting at her house with food, a truck and a trailer.  Her husband, dad and brother gathered construction debris from the backyard and took it to the landfill.  That's what she wanted. . .

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