Sunday, May 24, 2020

Camper Remodel Test

Wow!  We took the Travel Trailer out for a spin to celebrate our anniversary.  So many things worked so well, but there are a few things that need tweaking.

Loved the new coffee pot that took it's place on it's bedroom coffee/wine bar and kept the kitchen counter clean.  That beautiful coffee pot just sings.  Makes great coffee too.

The couch that pulls out into a bed was fabulous for use both as a couch, and as a separate nap space.  Siting on it with our coffee and watching the fire light was amazing!

The mini projector projected the perfect size screen on the bedroom wall.

The curtains with the lanyard clips and screw eyes that were made with two pieces of fabric with blackout in between was fabulous.

Another thing that really shined was the tea cart that we turned into a table.  We could put it in front of the couch with one leaf pulled up and it was the perfect size for two.  We took it outside and used two folding chairs for a perfect anniversary dinner set up.  Amazing!

The closet that already had a shallow shelf in it held the bins perfectly so I could have three large bins and my husband could have three!

The hook rail that we put in the bedroom was so very useful for everything from belts to pocket books, to hooded sweatshirts and mugs!

The magazine file folders worked great for our shoes right at the door.

Did you know fire extinguishers come in white?  This is what we found at Wal-mart and when we got it out of the package, it has it's own holder that my husband installed while we were out.

I finished the backsplash while we were out so all the custom pieces were done.  Yay!

Then there was a few things that still need some work. . .

When using the stove, my husband complained that when he turned on the light in the hood, it was hardly putting out any light.  Oops, there is a light in there?  Perhaps it didn't let out any light because I painted it white?  No matter.  A little goof off fixed it.

The pillow stuffing was coming right through the pillow.  That pillow will need a liner.  Easy fix though.

Lastly, we checked the plumbing about an hour before it was time to go.  Leaks!  So we couldn't use it.  No matter, when we got to the site, it had electrical but no water hookup.  Who knew?

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