Sunday, June 12, 2022

Harvest Season Has Begun!

A month and a half into the challenge of not going to grocery stores or restaurants, the broccoli came in.  Yay!!  I was getting tired of asparagus.  So far, in addition to eating everything we wanted, we put 14 bags of broccoli and 12 bags of asparagus into the freezer (quart sized bags).

Then the zucchini, yellow squash, some blueberries and a cucumber came in.  So two one gallon bags of yellow squash were added to the freezer in addition to using some for a meal or two, 4 quarts of sliced zucchini added to freezer, some blueberries added to a freezer bags.

Next, I picked all the string beans and we put up 7 quarts of green beans and 2 quarts of frozen green beans.

Some friends came over.  Anna was the ringleader, and showed us how to make lasagna using strips of zucchini for noodles.  

Then I used all the leftover sliced zucchini to make some spicy zucchini relish.  

Let me get this straight.  We ate all the vegetables we wanted and put some away in the freezer and in canning jars?  Learned how to make Zucchini Lasagna with friends?  Then was able to make some spicy zucchini relish with the leftovers?  God is good!

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