Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Saturday we put up the gates on the deer fence. Before we did, the chickens got into the garden and were pulling up our onions. They can't get in now. We also added some extra corner supports and a guy wire for the gate opening. Our two weeping willow trees came in and were planted by the pond. A nectarine tree also arrived and was planted in the driveway line. We bought the rest of the 20 foot pieces of rebar to make the protection for the rest of the young trees. We cut each piece into thirds, spray paint them black, place them in a triangle around the tree with a post driver, and wrap them with bird netting to keep the deer off of them. It really looks nice. This weekend we also bought an incubator, and have set it up with 30 eggs. We used a pencil to put x's on one side and o's on the other so we can tell they have been turned. Can't wait for 21 days to be over. We moved the elderberry bush to near the bees and the wild elderberries. The golf cart works! Yay!! We bought a little dump trailer to tow behind it. I looked at a used one on Craigslist that they wanted $75 for it. I offered $50 and they said no. Glad they did. I got a new one for $89.99 with new tires and theirs was 15 years old. . .

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