Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014

I was so proud of myself yesterday.  I taught myself how to use the router (the woodworking kind).  We needed an awning window for the greenhouse, and I am determined to make it out of materials we already have lying around.  So I found an old acrylic cabinet door (from a media stand).  I made a frame out of some rough sawn oak a friend gave us using the radial arm saw to cut the 45's and used the router to make the indentation for the acrylic door.  I still have to finish putting it together, but my plans are to sand it, paint it in some nickel spray paint I have (to match the aluminum greenhouse), and use a piece of screen door hinge I have left from another project we did.  We bought an automatic vent opener from harbor freight to open and close it on hot days.  I plan to use some old chain to attach to the bottom of the window to insure it doesn't get blown open too wide and put too much stress on the automatic opener.  I will include some pictures when I get it finished.  Last night I gave the meditation at the Lent service at church on "Financial Enslavement".  The Bible seems to support being out of debt, and knowing that money is a temporary thing, but wisdom will see you through.  I hope we can get better and better at living that way.

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