Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

The school I do finances for is having their Spring break this week, so I am trying to get a lot accomplished from my to do list, despite the fact that I have no transportation due to one of our cars being in the shop.  I am working on some unfinished projects.  Today I started working again on my frog pond (to draw in frogs to eat insects.) 
As I was excavating, I needed somewhere to put the loads of dirt (I used the trailer on my golf cart.)  The first load was deposited on one side of the greenhouse where the plastic was working it's way loose.  The second load was taken up to the pond to start work on my living sculpture.  It will be like the one on my pinterest page, but female. 
I have many loads of dirt to haul this week, but it's a start.  I also hauled rocks back to the area that my frog pond will be in.  I also took a few pictures around the farm including the daffodils that we moved here when we bought the farm in 2011.  They are on both sides of our driveway and across the front of the property. 

The peach tree that we brought from our last place is blooming:

 I am also adding compost to our basement area.  Last year I added a small amount and spread it thinly.  I was told that it wouldn't do anything, but it grew grass.  I am convinced it is the change in pH.

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