Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015

So, I didn't make much progress today.    I needed to purchase some plants for the sculpture, so took the morning off to go with a friend to one of my favorite flower nurseries, Big Bloomers in Sanford.  There I purchased some mini brass buttons to spread out over the face to make it a living sculpture (bought 8 plants at $4.95 each for sculpture - got the really full ones to break apart).  The other place we went was to a thrift shop.  There I purchased two small pyrex dishes that I painted the inside with black (pupils) and blue (Irises), along with two white plates to break up for the whites of the eyes (total spent at thrift shop - $2).  I got those put in, and plugged in the plants I bought.   In case anyone is just joining this, please don't think that I know what I am doing, I am flying by the seat of my pants, not being an artist, or a horticulturist, or having even done this before.  I am a bit worried about some rain coming in though, so we shall see how that works out.  Here's today's progress (pictures taken by my husband.)  You can see a little bit of a cave in on one side due to an enthusiastic dog.  Gotta Love 'Em!
This one give more of a size perspective.

Our other help.

This is a little closer for detail.

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