Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 12, 2017

Busy times!  We got our beef back from the packing plant!  It filled our 15.7 cubic foot freezer.  Now to sell most of it. . .It's very tasty as we tried the ribeye steaks tonight.

We have been working on a lean-to greenhouse that is on the south side of our house.  We bought a greenhouse kit from Advance Greenhouses.  Their customer service is just awesome.  We bought the Best Buy Polycarbonate.  It arrived earlier than we thought, and the ventilation fan arrived separately.  The instructions that came with the greenhouse and dvd could have been a little better, so some of the things we put together, ended up getting re-done.  I think one of the most confusing parts was the roof glazing and the eve retainer which should have had the name Roof Glazing Bottom Plate.   When we figured it out, we ended up taking six down and having to redo them.  We do like it though and think it is a good quality greenhouse, looks nice, and it is already paying for itself by heating our house when the temperature is as low as 56 degrees.  We just open our bedroom window and turn on the ceiling fan.  It is so nice being so warm in the winter!

Since we have a busy week this week, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day today.  We decided to to work on each other's choice of chores.  My choice was to finish the watering system for the chicken coop.  We had gotten a start on it before, but today we finished it!  The water drains from the chicken coop roof into a gutter, then to a screened barrel, then to a pipe in the chicken coop with poultry nipples in it, and finally to a clean out drain.  We are so happy to get it completed!  It will eliminate carrying water in 5 gallon buckets and having to clean out water that has been dirtied by the chickens.  Now to train them to drink from it. . .

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