Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017

Spring seems to be in the air!  It is making want to finish old projects and be creative.  I am so glad that we finished the chicken coop watering system.  While we were working on the chicken coop, there was a hole in the side that used to be attached to a rabbit hutch.  I wanted to figure out how to make it go away and use the materials we had on hand.  Eureka!  A picture frame looks just like a window!  Since it is under a roof anyway, I decided to go check in the basement to see if I had an appropriate sized frame laying around, and I did.  Here is the before/after picture.  The after picture was taken before I put weather stripping on the inside of the glass to make it nice and tight against the outside of the chicken coop.

As I work in my home office daily, it became time to finally finish the wall that I had to look at every day.  I had installed wallpaper on the opposite wall and had the wallpaper already, so I got to work on that.  It looks so much better.

While I was working on the office, I had a nice box sitting on the desk that I use to gather our invoices until tax time.  With the new wallpaper, the busy pattern it had on it stood out like a sore thumb.  That was easy to fix.  I always keep white appliance epoxy on hand.

Life is Good!

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