Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 18, 2018

Making progress on the farm.  We added another metal carport to build a section of the barn without animals for hay storage and a sink area.  We will add sides soon to keep out the rain, but may leave the end open for ease in moving hay in and out with the tractor.  We got 8 foot sides on this one for that purpose.

As my husband is a school teacher, we use spring break for larger projects.  This year, we finished up our last two paddocks for our rotational grazing plan.  We designed four paddocks around the perimeter to open one at a time for grazing and have a central location for the barn and water.  All we have left to do is put in the water for this plan to be functional.  One step at a time.  We are planning to rent a mini excavator this summer, when my husband has time, to add an automatic waterer and put a small sink area in the new extended barn, as well as use the excavator to add irrigation to the growing area.

Having a farm usually means you have a lot of stuff.  As I like for things to be organized and clean looking, I struggle with this daily and try to find ways to "decorate it in".  Growing the sweet potato slips beautifully has been one of those things.  This year, some friends gave us a purple pot which fit beautifully on top of a candle stand and works great for the sweet potato slips.  They are so pretty anyway, aren't they?

We decided we are finally ready to try bees again (last time they flew away in the spring).  This time we are joining a bee club for added support.  My husband is our bee keeper.  As I am slightly allergic, I am just doing cross training in case for some reason he is not available.  We went to pick up a 3 pound package this past weekend which my husband installed.  I was filming without a bee suit and had to quit when the bees got highly populated in my area.

During this time, I also was privileged to be able to help with some of  the props for Eastern Randolph High School's upcoming performance of Les Miserable (April 20th and 21st).  My husband helped cut out and install the handle of the cane.  Here are photos of some candlesticks, pocketwatch, cane, and a faux boulder.  Thank goodness for youtube videos on making faux rocks.  The students and teachers are so talented at this school!  I would highly recommend adding all of their performances to your calendar.

Saving the most important news for last, we are planning a purple and gold barbecue reception for our youngest child's college graduation.  Congratulations Leah!!  We are so proud of you!  Now all three of our children will have graduated from college!  Woo hoo!  

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