Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Lessons From a Cow/Firewood Trunk

 Lesson taught to me by a cow:  If you establish a routine in your life, others can help you.  I started milking every day at the same time, putting out the same alfalfa for my cow, and she started joining me every day.  When I started this, I was having to get a halter on her and pull her to the barn so I could put her in the milking stanchion.  Now I just sing the same song, go out at the same time, and no halter is required.  Since I have been using my electric milker, the milking is done in minutes.  Love it!  I am getting between a quart and a half and a half gallon daily.  I could get more, but I am not separating the calf from her mom.  Since there is only two of us, I am not sure yet how much milk is required to keep us in milk, butter, cheese, sour cream and ice cream.  I have made my first batch of mozzarella cheese.  Yay!

If you have a wood stove, you will want some logs inside the house to keep the fire going.  At first, I painted our furniture dolly to match the wood stove and was storing it on that.  My husband became unhappy with how much bark and debris that method dropped on the floor, so he started putting it in a big plastic tub.  I was not happy with how that looked and began looking for a solution to both our needs.  I tried to find an art deco firewood solution, and did not have much luck.  I ended up buying a vintage trunk, adding some chrome wheels, and highlighting the embossed pattern with some silver paint to flow better with my other decor.  We both like the way it turned out and it gives me a way to hide the other fire supplies as well.

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