Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Since today is a new day, I want you to know that my blog just switched back to Blogger, an easier to use format for a non-technical person like me who could really care less about whether any money is made on this blog.  If I can only help one person through my successes or failures, then I am good.  When the technical aspects of anything seem to take out the joy, it is time to rollback.

So many things have been going on.  Our cow had a calf!  This is the the first calf birth here on our farm! The calf is a jersey/angus cross and came out so dark brown we named her Fudge.   This is what I had been waiting for to start trying to milk our cow.  So it begins...Thanks again Wolf Moon Farm!  (Their bull helped make this calf).

Whenever you start on a new adventure it really helps to have a friend/neighbor/mentor who can help you.  My neighbor, Becky, was a God send in this department.  Becky came over and showed me some techniques that I am so grateful for.  Thanks so much Becky!  Having someone around who is so good with animals and a pro at what you are trying to do is amazing.  I am such a visual person, and it is so good to have someone who can answer questions.  And yes, I decided to buy an electric milking machine that I found at a low enough cost.  It is rechargeable so I don't have to have electricity in the barn.  Here is an Amazon link that I may get payment from as an asoociate, but should not add to your costs:


The asparagus is in!  It is so nice to have something come up on it's own.  We have been stuffing ourselves with asparagus quiche, asparagus soup, asparagus with lemon sauce, raw asparagus to munch on in the yard, stir fries with asparagus, asparagus with scrambled eggs, and have put some in the freezer as well.

The garden was planted.  Only this year we had a couple of late frosts.  We had to replant some tomatoes and peppers despite our best efforts with pots on plants and the sprinkler.  Sadly, the berries were already on the blueberry bush and I watched the small berries turn blue prematurely and die.  I hope this is one of those years when a weird thing  happens and it blooms again. . .Fingers crossed on all the fruit trees.

The strawberries and blackberries are in bloom and should be bringing us fruit shortly.  Life is still continuing on this little farm of ours.  Life is good. . .

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