Saturday, April 24, 2021

Fall Farm Shenanigans

So many things to do in the fall, and some of them are just for fun.  Weather predicting with persimmons is one thing I have been introduced to recently by Patara with Appalachia's Homestead.  Apparently if there are spoons (or shovels), it means there will be a lot of snow.  So I cut open a persimmon, and surprisingly got two spoons.  When I asked what that meant, Carl Belcher (one of our friends) said we would be expecting aliens, lol. Pumpkins are such a big factor for fall.  The pumpkins we grow, Cucurbita Moschata, that are resistant to the squash vine borer, have a wonderful taste.  This year we have canned pumpkins, made pumpkin butter, made peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats, and made pumpkin pies for the freezer.  I discovered that if I just scoop out the seeds, cut it up, put it in a big pot, bring it to a boil and turn it off for about ten minutes, then the peelings slice off very easily and it is ready to be puree with help from the food processor.  So much easier to do that than to try to peel it uncooked. This year I was also inspired to make pumpkins out of some $1 thrift store sweaters for a table decoration.  I got the know-how from an email by Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer, Christy James.  Of course when I went to make them, I couldn't find our jute twine, but I did find some suede lacing, I didn't find a long needle, but a cross stitch needle worked (but not well, so instead of sewing all the ribs I wound the thread around the pumpkin), and I didn't have crochet twine, so I used some clear stretch cord from jewelry making.  I also added some leaves that I cut from some bling wrap, as I like a little bling.  Of course, my pumpkins are green and purple to match my decor, but the orange one in the middle is from the garden.
Garden fresh dinners are scrumptious. Fried okra, scalloped tomatoes and baked sweet potatoes.
I want to give a shout out for Wolf Moon Farm.  Sam and Zack are amazing with their animals.  They recently helped us with a cow of ours.  When we went to get her, they had her cut out from the herd and loaded in our trailer within 45 minutes.  That was phenomenal!  Between Sam's peaceful demeanor and Zack's know-how, it was quite obvious they are learning their trade well.  Their animals obviously trusted them and were used to their presence.  We were in a field with cows, and sheep.  Went through a field with their pigs and dog.  All of which they earned a quiet respect from.  If you want an animal that is well taken care of, loved and respected, and is used to people, this is the place.  They have for sale St. Croix sheep and Kunekune pigs if you are interested.

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