Saturday, April 24, 2021

Farm maintenance/Fall Garden

Funny how one set of animals is just fine with your creations for them, and the next set just tears it up.  Our current pair of pigs are very rough on things.  We really liked having the pig hut created with just plastic corrugated roofing on the top, as it made it lighter to move.  However, this set decided the roof could just be pushed out of the way to create new doors.  As it rained, I felt sorry for them for the mess they created and wanted them to have a dry place to sleep, so changes had to be made.  As I was contemplated what could be done and looking around at what materials we had, I ran across a sheet of T1-11 siding.  I decided to just remove the bottom roofing panel on each side of the pig hut and put a half sheet (cut the long way) of T1-11 on each side.  As it was the roof, I also gave it a good coat of white enamel paint, hoping to make it last through this set of pigs and future pigs.  It did make the hut a bit heavier, but my husband and I can still handle it for the move to the next paddock. 

 I finished repairing and painting the arbor, and my husband helped me put the new finials on the top.  It is so nice to have a tall, handy and hardworking husband!  

Another thing I have been working on is replacing the rotten trim on the barn door.  This time my husband wanted to be sure we picked up some treated wood for the trim.  The barn door is heavy, so my husband helped me take it down, I replaced the trim, and then he helped me put it back up.  There are still a few things to do including strategic caulking, some trimming and painting, but we are both pleased with the results.  The remainder of the project will be easy in comparison. 

Our summer garden is winding down, but I still found about 10 gallons of peppers that needed to be harvested.  I strung two small wreaths of cayenne, my husband chopped some jalapenos for the freezer, and we both worked on preparing the 7 gallons of bell peppers on our rainy weekend.  

My husband also brewed a batch of a new recipe of pumpkin beer.  We are doing our best to use up all the rest of our pumpkins.    

 We planted a small fall garden this year:  sugar pod peas, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, beets, acorn squash, and did I mention broccoli?  Somehow we ended up with 3 rows of broccoli, but it is our favorite.  This year we got smarter with pea trellises and put them in BEFORE we planted the peas, so now they are actually conveniently located to the trellises.  Sometimes it's the simple things - lol.         

Of course, the Japanese garden will probably be continued for the unforeseeable future.  As you can see, the rock mulch is waiting.

beer - Maxim

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