Saturday, April 24, 2021

Time and the Past Coming Together

I am working on two landscaping projects in our backyard.  The first one is maintenance and reparation of our 16 year old arbor that my husband built for our oldest daughter's wedding and we moved with us when we bought the farm/homestead.  It was also used in our youngest daughter's Lord of the Rings wedding in 2016 (link in menu).  So far the vine has been cut down and some of the painting has been done.  

Another unusual sentimental item we brought was a peach tree our youngest had planted from a pit.  We dug it up, cut the tap root and moved it.  It has survived, but we still haven't gotten any peaches from it.  This year I used the leaves to dry for tea. . .        

 The other landscaping on the farm that I am currently doing (mostly while waiting for the air to warm and dry the arbor), is finally creating the zen garden I have wanted around the frog pond that we built in 2015 to draw in the frogs for eating the pests on the gardens.  So far, I learned how to use the string trimmer to weed around it (yes, I know, almost 60 and have never run one before now - my husband has taken care of me.) I have outlined the area I want to include with spray paint and dug a ramp.  Why a ramp?  Perhaps you have been following me long enough to have seen the "soaking in the frog pond" song?  If not, you can see it here:  Yep, over time we realized that our dogs were going to cool off in the pond no matter what, so I may as well find a way to fix it so they won't get so muddy.  Pea gravel is coming.       

 Also to be used is a a rock that was dug out of our basement area during the basement creation.  This will be used as the top of a bench.  As you can see, it has been waiting for a while.     

The other thing that has been waiting for a while is the Japanese lantern I made out of concrete.  You may have seen it in this blog post.  The next plan is to pour a column for the lantern, and four concrete feet for the stone bench. 

 More stuff we have done here on the farm is pick the first crop of pears from our Kieffer pear tree.  Dig up our sweet potatoes, and finish using our small jars to make more fig preserves.  You can tell by the variety of the jars that I had to scramble. for jars.  The vacuum lid on the  yeast container actually worked very well.  

Lastly, I decorated the front porch for Halloween.  In purple and green, of course.       

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