Saturday, April 24, 2021

Finally, Spring!!

Finally getting out of my winter funk.  So nice to have some warm weather again!  Today, I harvested broccoli and had enough to put in the freezer for the first time, so my husband and I put up 10 quarts of broccoli!  So exciting! 

 The inspector came to our farm, and I made him a frog nap mat.  Here he is with a cookie in one hand and a daffodil in the other.  All the comforts of home! 

We got a pig processed and got to use the smokehouse for the first time!  Lots of firsts.  I think our helper was waiting for a handout.  

 Our steer was so big we were turned away from a processor and had to take him home.  They thought he might weigh 2000 pounds.  When we found one that could handle him, their was a lot of beef that came home.  

 Our new Blue Australorp chicks were inspected and approved (kind of, he wasn't sure of that):  

 And thanks to the help of our neighbor, Walter, we finally were able to pour the cement for the floor of the new shed on a weekend that was both warm enough and dry enough!  Life is good!

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